Block slabs

The block slabs are made up of small blocks, damaged slabs and scraps that are broken down and reassembled into slabs.
The slabs are carefully chosen on the basis of the background color and the veins in order to obtain uniform production batches.

Trust our experts

Stone Center offers you the possibility to choose between different types of blockboard slabs. Carrara white, various Onyxes, Arabescati and much more...
Through a careful selection, a unique pattern is obtained with a particular chromatic effect that varies according to the size of the strip.

Marble slabs

Stone Center combines the wisdom of the master artisans with the advanced technology of today. The experience gained today allows Stone Center to be at the forefront in the processing, transformation and international marketing of marble slabs.

Gres porcelain

Large format plates

Infinite possibilities for the coating of any type of surface, with total versatility for any type of application.


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